Luca of the rebelion. Turn 2: The White Knight Awakens


Turn 2: The white knight awakens


I sat on my feet as I bent down to look at the girl who had just given me this new power. “I don’t understand, what it is that you wanted me to do. Why did you give me this bizarre power?” I stood back up and looked over the dead bodies of those who I had just ordered to kill themselves.


There was a sudden explosion that managed to knock me off my feet. A Sutherland Knightmare rolled in from an opening to the subway entrance. The top of the Knightmare opened as it scanned the area. A woman spoke from within the Knightmare.

“What happened here boy, and why is a Britanian student in a place like this? Are you deaf! Answer me or I’ll-”

I was irritated by this woman. She fired the gun that her knightmare had been carrying at the wall behind me. Because of the type of bullets they were they managed to send my raven black hair flying all over.

“Answer me!”

I looked at the woman’s knightmare scanner and stared into it. “I order you come out, at once!”

“Who the hell do you think you are to order me!”

The command I gave her didn’t work. She didn’t climb out of her Knightmare. “I see. So it only works with direct eye contact.” I turned to face her Knightmare and put my hands up to show I meant no harm to her, not yet anyways. “My name is Alan Spacer, my fathers a Duke.” I told her stealing the name of the nobleman whom I defeated in chess an hour ago. “My ID card is in my breast pocket. After you confirm who I am I’ll request your protection.” A noise could be heard coming from her Knight as it opened up its back hatch. I smiled at how she so blindly followed along with my script. She glided down a cable and stepped onto the torn up concrete floor. She had what looked like silver hair that was tied up into a ponytail by a violet colored string.

“Keep your hands up in the air. I’ll take out your ID card.”

She pulled out her pistol and started to walk over to me. “Now then, hand your Knightmare over to me.” I stared into her green eyes as I gave her my command. She grabbed the slide of her gun in her left hand as she pulled out the USB key to her Knight.

“Understood. The code number is XG21G2D4.”

She whirled around the key by the keyring before tossing it to me. Catching it in my hand I memorized the code. “Got it.” I walked past her and took her gun before climbing into her Knight.

****5 minutes later, Subway exit*****

The woman looked around to see that her Knightmare, and the boy she had just talked to were no where to be found.

“What in the hell…”

She said shcoked at the turn of events.

****Medical Trailer****

“So are we having a bad day!?”

Lloyd said almost giddy when Shawn awoke. He opened his eyes to see he wasn’t dead. Looking around he saw Lloyd and Cecile looking over him.

“Looks like you missed a chance to go to heaven Private Kagan.” Lloyd said looking at Shawn’s bandaged side.

“I did? But where-”

Shawn winced while he tried to sit up.

“Hmm, oh were still in the Bismark ghetto.”

”With Prince Clovis nearby this is probably the safest place anywhere. This is what saved your life Mr. Shawn.” Cecile said as she handed him a silver pocket watch with the glass and the hands broken.

“Your lucky it was under your protective suit cuz that’s what deflected the bullet.”

“Is it a keepsake?”

Shawn grabbed the watch and stared at it. “Yes, very.”

“you 11’s believe that gods exist inside everything don’t you.” Lloyd said in reference to Shawns watch.

“Is Luca-” Shawn started to say but quickly paused. “What’s the latest on the situation?”

“It looks like the poison gas was unleashed massive 11 casualties have been reported.”

“They haven’t caught the perpetrators yet though.”

Lloyd and Cecile took turns explaining things to Shawn, at least what they knew about the situation.

“They haven’t, not yet huh?”

“Private Kagan, how much experience do you have in piloting a Knightmare frame?”

Shawn sat there in awe as he was asked that question. “B-but there’s no way an 11 would be made a Knight!”

“Well supposing you could.” Lloyd handed Shawn a USB key to a knightmare. Shawn stood up from his bed and walked out with Lloyd and Cecile. They walked and showed him to a trailer that was carrying a Knightmare with a black tarp covering it.

“Congratulations the only Knightmare of it’s kind awaits you. Once you take the controls of this big beauty everything will change. You and your world.”

“Whether you want them to or not.”

****Bismark Ghetto, Street****

The Britanian military had continued with their order of killing all of the 11’s that had been living in the Bismark Ghetto. The Glasko shot up from underground and attacked a tank that was shooting at fleeing civilians.

“Those damn Britanians!”

Collin yelled, her voice scratchy from crying over the death of her brother Josh. Tears were still in her eyes.

“Collin, can the Glasko still move?” Otto had yelled over the intercom.

“Don’t worry Otto, it’s alright I’ll decoy them get the people out of here. The only ones that’ll be captured are those of us in the resistance!”

“I know but were trapped they’ve got us completely surrounded!”

****Ashford Girls Locker room****

Laughter from the reality show that the girls from the swim team were watching on their Tablet was echoing throughout the locker rooms. One of them opening a bag of chips.

“That’s because you don’t have enough leg strength.”

Their conversation carried on when Sherry’s phone rang in her locker. She grabbed her Blue tooth and put it on her ear before hitting the answer button, accepting the call from Luca.

“Lulu, what in the world have you been doing, where are you now? If you keep cutting class you’ll get held back.”

“Are you near a TV?”

“A TV?”

“Sorry but this is important.”

“Hmph, hang on.” Sherry walked away from her locker to the table where the girls were sitting. “Hey can I change the channel.”

“Huh, to what?” one of the girls asked.

“The news! Is there anything about Bismarkl” Luca said as he typed on the keyboard inside of the Knightmare.

“News, lets see…theres nothing on. Traffic restrictions.

“Why is it restricted?”

“I don’t know they’re not saying.”

****Luca’s knight****

I get it. Once they finish everything off they’ll release news that favors the military.”

“Ooooh, you’re gambling again aren’t you. I’ve warned you before about how dangerous that is.”

“Yep, you caught me. By the way tell my little sister I’ll be home late tonight. Thanks, bye.” I hung up on her pressing the end button my Bluetooth. On the monitor I saw what looked like a chessboard with all the pieces with it. I opened the hatch and climbed out to go and grab the chess set. Picking it up and all of the pieces I climbed back into my Knightmare and turned on the map. It showed me all of the positions of the soldiers, “They need to keep a lid on the information so it’ll be hard for them to call in reinforcements. They’ll have to make do with the pieces they have on the board. But I’m pinned in here and it’ll be tough to break through by myself. Gaining refuge carries it’s own risk to.” Up above I could see a helicopter being taken down by what appeared to be the Glaskos Slash Harken. “I want pay back for being dragged into your fight.”

****Bismark, hot zone****

Collin kept destroying the military’s weaponry to get revenge. Two Sutherland’s drove up behind her and over the speakers could be heard the voice of Jeremiah.

“Well, well if it isn’t our Glasko friend.”

Collin sped away avoiding the shots that they fired at her

****Luca’s point of view****

Seeing the woman speed away in the Glasko I reached into my breast pocket and pulled out the communicator that I had found in the trucks trailer.

****Glasko Cockpit****

Collin drove away looking at the timer that was displayed on her monitors. She had only 30 minutes left before her Knightmare would shut down.

“The west entrance. Use the train tracks to get to the west entrance.” Luca said over the channel.

“Who is this?! How do you know this code!”

“That doesn’t matter. If you want to win you’re going to have to trust me.”

“To win?”

Collin drove over to the tracks and jumped onto them following them towards the west entrance like the voice told her.

“Okay, what am I supposed to do now, huh?”

She asked as the two Sutherlands were chasing her.

“You pathetic 11. If you run away then this hunt doesn’t have much to offer in the way of sport.”

Further ahead on the tracks a freight train could be heard, coming closer.

“Since you trusted me you’re going to win. Jump onto the train!”


Collin did as she was told and hopped onto the train cars hopping away. The train was brought to a stop when a Sutherland grabbed it.

“You think you can get away that way hmm. If that’s your plan then…you go after the Glasko.”

“Yes my lord.”

The Sutherland behind him jumped over Jeremiah’s Sutherland only to be shot down. Jeremiah turned to see that another Sutherland had been hiding inside of a destroyed building. “Shot by friendly fire? You there! What’s your name and your unit?!”

Little did he know that it was Luca’s Knightmare. Luca shot at Jeremiah’s Knight forcing him to retreat.

“Oh my god, a terrrorist!”

Jeremiah tried to flee but his Knight’s legs had been shot preventing him having the chance to escape. “You son of a…” Jeremiah tried to shoot at Luca but was stopped when the Glasko charged at him.


Jeremiah was forced to flee using his ejector seat. He was launched out of his Sutherland abandoning it . “You saved me. But how did you get a hold of a Sutherland?”

Collin asked over the radio turning only to see that Luca’s Knight was no longer in the building.

“Collin! What the hell was that radio message earlier?”

Otto ran up the tracks along with a few other men.

“What! He contacted you too?”

“Sure did, and Yoshi’s group should be here soon as well-”

He was cut off when his radio started to pick up a signal.

“Are you in charge?” Luca asked him over the radio.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Then I present to you the cargo in that train over there. They’re tools for your victory. If you want to use them to win, then follow my orders.”

Collin drover her Knight over to the doors of the cars before using the Glasko to open them. Inside were Sutherland Knightmare frames.

“There’s more in here! Here too!”

Collin yelled over the radio as she continued opening all of the train cars. Everyone of them had been filled with at least two Sutherland’s.

“Amazing! Maybe we should give this guy a chance.”

All of this. But how?” Collin asked herself after she opened all of the train cars.

“Woman in the Glasko!” Luca announced over the radio.


“Stay where you are. Your unit’s gonna run decoy, understood?”


“Energy filler status?”

“About fifteen minutes worth.”

“Then recharge it. In ten minutes I’ll contact you with your next assignment.”

****Luca’s Knightmare*****

Moving out of view of the terrorists I hid inside another one of the many destroyed buildings. Setting my communicator down I leaned back into the seat of my Knightmare. “This is wearing me out. Regardless, I’ll need determination to succeed. After all, I’m betting my life in this game.” Twirling the black king piece in my hand I set it back down on the chessboard which was resting on the Knightmare’s dashboard.

****Military mobile base****

“The terrorists are mixed among the 11 populace. Mounting little resistance against us. But they pose little threat to our vastly resilient army.”
General Bartley reported, leaning over the electronic map.

“We know that. Moving on.”

Clovis instructed.

“Understood your highness. The gas capsules will be-”

“What the public thinks?”

“Yes, we’ll keep searching for her.”

“Either way, I want her back here dead or alive.

*****Terrorist group*****

“Hey are you certain about this? They’ve all had the ITD’s (Internal Tracking Device) removed what if this is a trap?”

One of the terrorists outside of his Knightmare questioned Otto.

“The other side has total advantage in this war. They don’t need to set any traps. Alright people let’s move get to your assigned points!”

“B1, can you move? It operates the same as you’re used to.” Luca said over the radio.

“Can’t you tell us who you are? At least your name something?”

“I can’t do that. What if these signals are being intercepted? Anyway if Q1 (Collin) is on schedule, enemy Sutherland’s, probably two of them will reach you in twenty-three seconds. Shoot them through the wall.”

“Aaah he’s out of his mind!”

Otto lowered his radio thinking before announcing his order to everyone. “Everyone, double check your weapons.”

“What are you serious?”

Q1 arrived at her designated rendezvous on schedule before stopping.

****Military base****

“Enemy spotted at point M31!”

“A feint eh’? How pedestrian.” Prince Clovis said to himself.

“Tell Lazlo squad to go straight in! Have Yugen and Valyrie strike from the rear!”

****Terrorist group*****

“3….2…….1. Fire!” Otto gave the order as him and his fellow Knightmare pilots fired a barage of bullets at the wall. Destroying the enemy units on the other side.

****Military base*****

“Sir Yugen and Sir Valyrie both lost!” Bartley barked as he stared at the overhead map on the screen.

“Hmm, an ambush?” Clovis asked his soldiers.

****Luca’s Knight****

Heh, an ID signal can be a double edge sword. Besides, if the terrorists follow the orders I issue. My task at hand is sure to be completed.” I said to myself holding my knight in my hand. “P1, P4, P7, move one-hundred meters to the right and fire your Slash Harkens towards three o’ clock!” I issued my next play to the terrorists. Over the radio I could hear Otto issuing my orders.

“You heard him! Do as the boy says!”

“B5 are you ready?”

“Ugh, quit calling me that!”

The terrorists moved the designated points before attacking two enemy Knightmares destroying them.

****Military base*****

“The enemy is moving towards G28!”

“Send Lazlo squad! I mean Combat Squad!” Bartley was sweating buckets at the sudden turn in the terrorists attacks.

“This means…Terrorists have our military weaponry!?” Clovis shouted from his throne.

“Sir Bradley has ejected!”

“Change our codes dammit they’re intercepting them!”

“We already have sir, four times!”

“Do it again!”

“This failure is unacceptable!” Clovis shouted standing up from his throne.

“Good afternoon!” Lloyd said as his face popped up over the screen.

“What is it? We’re in the middle of an operation!”

“I’d say it’s time to deploy the A.S.E.E.C.’s special weapon!”

“We’ve no time for this right now!” Clovis said walking over the table.

****Luca’s knight****

“R2, fire anchor!” I instructed pushing my rook forward. “B7, use U-N ordinance!” Placing my bishop three spaces ahead of it’s previous location. “N-Group continue moving forward…”

****Military base****

“We just lost both Lazlo and Foxtrot squads!” Bartley yelled in panic.

“So do it, we’ll have to bring up Quincy’s Squadron!” Clovis ordered slamming his fist on the table

“But, my lord that will break the encirclement!”

*****Luca’s Knight****

“Now then the enemy has only five options. Their move.” I waited twirling around my king.

*****Military base****

“Reinforce the breach with some of the units guarding me. All we know for certain are that the enemy forces are here!” Clovis said pointing at a small section on the map.

*****Luca’s Knight****

“Well that’s a more stupider move than I was expecting. Q1 do you have an area map?” I asked her while she was underground.

“Yes, I have a map of the old town. But without any current landmarks.”

“It’ll do fine.”

*****Military Base*****

“Alright, send in Bravo and the others as well!” Clovis ordered pointing at that spot.

*****Luca’s Knight*****

Luca: “Mission Number three now.

Clovis: “Concentrate our forces there! Surround them!”

Luca: “Is everything prepared?”

Clovis: “ The enemy’s main force is that center dot. Finish everyone of them off!”

Clovis had almost everyone of his remaining units at a single spot only to find there was nothing.

Clovis: “What, wheres the enemy!?”

I had all of my units moving along the underground subway tunnels. Q1 at the back of the group, she stopped and fired her Slash Harken at the roof. “With this….I call check.” Setting my king next to the white one. The ground caved in taking in all of the enemy units inside destroying them. Over the map there were multiple signs of Knightmares losing their signals, reporting ‘Lost’ over the screen. I laughed maniacally at my victory. “Hahaha, My plan worked didn’t it. I can do it. I can. I can defeat Britanaia!”

****Military Base****

Clovis took several steps back, shocked at his defeat. He was not far from terrified. “Who in the hell am I fighting? What if…He’s even better than Commander Thomas! Lloyd!”

“Yes your highness?”

“Can it win? Can your toy beat them?”

“My lord….Please be so kind as to call it Lancelot.”




*****ASEEC’s Trailer*****

“Advanced Unit Weapon Z-01 Lancelot, now activating. Lancelot activating. Releasing hatch. Z-01 Lancelot stand by for activation. Pallet extension initiating.” Cecile said over the PA system.

“Did you read the manual?” She asked Shawn over the communicator.

“More or less.” Shawn answered her zipping up his combat suit.

“Well done. You scored at the top of the class in the simulator.”

“Ms. Cecile, about what you told me earlier…about a survivor in the subway system.”

“Huh? Oh, it’s possible but the possibility is close to zero.”

“But not actually zero, right?”

“I’m afraid that’s true. Still I don’t want you doing anything reckless. The new system doesn’t have an escape mechanism installed.”

“Right, I understand Ms. Cecile.” Shawn walked over to the trailer from the medical truck, his gun shot wound still stinging in his side. The tarp covering the Knight was released revealing the new Knightmare, Lancelot. “I-is that it?”

“Yes. The experimental weapon developed by us in the Advanced Special Envoy Engineering Corps. Code name: Lancelot. The world’s first 7th generation Knightmare Frame.”

The Lancelot was a white base colored Knightmare with golden colored trim. Shawn’s suit was based off of the Knight’s design. The shoulders were pointed at an angle and the general design was different from that of the common Sutherland.

“All right then Shawn, if you’re ready shall we proceed with the initial start-up?” Lloyd asked him.

“Initial start-up proceeding from Phase 20. Equipping Energy Filler. Confirm Pre-start. Energy Filler now at normal output. Thirty seconds to reach critical voltage. Core luminous, shifting phase. Devicer, set up. Confirming entry of Devicer to Z-01. Individual I.D. Registration, confirmed. Confirm establishment of Man-machine interface. Yggdrasil resonance, confirmed. Rejection response, weak. Devicer stress response, weak. All readings nominal.” Cecile announced reading off the reports from her computer.

“So far it’s going according to the data.”

“Lancelot…Activate M.E. Boost.” Shawn said from within the Lancelot.

The Knightmare’s wheels and support beams were lowered from the leg. Lancelot took it’s launch pose awaiting orders.


Shawn heard the green light and hit the accelerator, running straight out of the gate at full speed.

Lloyd and Cecile were knocked off their feet from the high speeds. Lloyd laughing at the speed. “Hahaha. Running full throttle right out of the gate huh?”

Shawn drove the Lancelot ll the way to the battlefield within minutes. “Cooler than the manual. With this…Ugh.” Shawn lost his train of thought, grabbing his side from the gun wound.

*****Luca’s Knight****

“Heh, one more push and the checkpoint will fall” I said laughing at the screen.

“This is B group. Confirm signs of enemy pressence.”

“Reinforcements? Real battle is different isn’t it? Status?”

“Everyone ejected, but they took out four units in no time at all!”

“Enemy numbers?”

“One! Just one! I think it’s a new model, never seen anything like it–” All that coulod be heard from the radio were screams and silence. Looking over the battlefield I could see the supposed enemy unit that had been destroying the Knightmares. According to the ITD code it was the prototype Lancelot. A barrage of bullets were fired at the Knight only to have them deflected. “What! It deflects bullet’s to?”

“What do we do! Isaiah!–”

Useless so called terrorists. With all the resources they have they’re being beaten by a single unit. N4, N5 hold positions. When the rear units arrive surround that thing.”


I watched as the Knight destroyed the two units both within only ten seconds.

“N units what’s happening. What is this? Something I didn’t foresee.”

*****Military Base****

“For heaven’s sake. Now I’ll owe my older brother a debt I don’t need to incur. It’s for the best though.” Clovis said as he walked back to his throne.

******Luca’s Knight*****

“P-1, report! Can the enemy be really only one unit?” Within moments I could see a Slash Harken being used as a grapling hook as the White Knight appeared in front of me. “You mean…This thing is what ruining my plans!” It attacked my Knight but I managed to defend against it.

“Are you the guy who’s in command?” The pilot questioned. “Just a pilot? How dare he–” I was cut off as the floor collapsed from the weight of two Knight’s on a ruined building. “No choice, I have to get out of here.” The white knight appeared in the sky and zoomed down to attack me. Defending the best I could. I was thrown back from the velocity of the kick. He was about to finish me off when Q1 appeared stopping him.

“Hey, I’m returning the favor!” The woman yelled over the radio. Using the opening she gave me I ran out of the building, leaving her behind. Moments later I could see her ejector seat launching from the building. But by that time I was at least five blocks away from the building. “I have to remember that. The most vital element in battle is the human one.” My alarm blared as it alerted me of the white knight, hot on my trail. I shot at the surrounding buildings causing more rubble to fall, hopping to try and avert him. Driving backwards I could see him turn around before jumping into the air. He was saving someone. A woman with what looked like a child in her hands. “In the heat of battle he rescues someone? Hmph, fin. I’ll concede you the tactical victory here. Nevertheless…” I pulled on the ejection levers as I was launched out of my Knightmare.

****Shawn’s Knight****

He set the mother and child down on the street after catching them. The woman ran off screaming bloody murder.

“Shawn? You must be tired. Why don’t we call it quits for the day?” Cecile asked him.

“N-no I’m fine. Please let me keep going on.”

“Be careful with his operational time!” Lloyd could be heard yelling at Ms. Cecile. “My that boy is an excellent piece of equipment.”

****Clovis’ personal transport, outside*****

I walked towards the base wearing the back-up military suit I had found in the knight after ejecting.

“Stop there! This is Prince clovis’ personal transport. What is your I.D.?” A soldier demanded pointing his rifle at me. I removed my helmet before addressing the man. “At last the check point. Lightly guarded just like I had planned.”

“your plan…”

“That’s right now. I’d like you to let me pass.” I said looking him in the eye.

“Yes sir, understood.”

*****Terrorist hideout*****

Collin was still running from being captured by any Britanian soldiers still wandering around. She passed an old storage warehouse when she heard her name being called.

“Collin, in here!”

Otto was yelling at her. She walked inside and could here people arguing.

“It’s your fault, this is what happens when you oppose the Britanians!”

“What, you spineless coward!”

“How many people were killed because of this?’

“Shut up! Do you know how many of us were captured or killed? DON’T CRY!”

The man was pointing his rifle at everybody trying to make them quiet down through fear.

“Otto, what about the guy we heard?” Collin asked.

“Damned if I know. He doesn’t answer when I call so maybe he’s dead–”


There was a sudden explosion from outside that destroyed the door. Military tanks came rolling inside.

“There you see, instead of following someone we don’t even know we should have used the poison gas! Damn that Josh!”

Soldiers came running from behind the tank armed to the teeth.

“So, this is where you 11 vermin scurried off to. Prepare to fire!”

“Begin fire–” The man was cut off by the voice of prince clovis.

“Attention all forces! Cease fire at once! In the name of Clovis La Brittania third prince and royal viceroy of area 11, you are so ordered. Cease fire at once! You shall also cease destruction of any and all buildings in this area. All casualties, either Britanian or 11 shall be treated without prejudice! In the name of Clovis La Brittania you are so ordered! Cease fire at once! I shall allow no further fighting!”

*****Military Base*****

I cut the power as Clovis finished giving his order.

“There satisfied?”

“Yes, well done.”

“Then what shall we do now. A round of songs? Or perhaps a nice game of chess?”

“That has a familiar ring.” I removed my helmet tossing it aside, still keeping my gun aimed at him. “Don’t you remember” You used to play Chess with me. Of course, I always won.”


“Remember. At Aries Villa.”

“You…Who are you?”

I walked forward into the little bit of sunlight that shined through the sun roof. Revealing my face to him. “It’s been a long time. Big brother.” He nearly jumped out of his seat as he stood up. “The eldest son of the late empress Marie Rose and 17th in line to the throne. Luca Vi Brittania, at your service.” I kneeled down before him.

“L-luca?! But, I thought–”

“That I was dead? You were wrong. I have returned your highness. I have come back to chang everything.” I told him with a deviled smile.



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