Luca Of The Rebelion. Turn 1: The Day A New Demon Was Born

Turn 1: The day a new demon was born
(2017. 7 years after the war. 2017 A.T.B. North Dakota settlement)

Ever since Britannia took over the 11’s were treated like slaves. I rode the elevator up to the designated area where me and my friend Rivalz, were expected. I was to be the substitute for a chess match for an old colleague of mine. The elevator dinged as the doors slowly slid open. A few feet from the doori could see my colleague had been sweating buckets, the opponent looked over and saw me.
“Did your substitute arrive?”
My friend ran over to me despite his old age, hysterically thanking me for arriving when I did.
“Thank heavens I’m saved! Are things going well at school?”
“Hmm, whats this a school boys?”
I walked over to the lounge chair Old man Dallas was sitting in. “Well look at this a nobleman.” The man tapped his quil nail file on the table before he addressed me.
“I envy you kids today, you have so much time on your hands. Time for regrets. Whats your name?”
I sat my school brief case on the red velvet colored floor before answering him. “Luca. Irrione.” Rivalz walked over behind me to be awe-struck by the way the chess board had been set up from when Dallas was playing.
“Whoa now wait a second! You can’t win this its impossible!”
Most of the black pieces which were mine had been captured and only a small few of the white ones were captured. “Rivalz. When do you suppose we would have to leave. Too make our next class?” He moved his goggles and looked at his watch before he gave his reply.
“um 20 minutes if we bust our humps.”
“Then be sure you drive safely on the way back.” Rivalz’ jaw dropped at my confidence. I sat down in the comfy lounge chair but sat at the edge with great posture. “I’ll need 9 minutes.” I looked over at Dallas to make sure he hadn’t forgotten to write me a pass for a leave of temporary absence. “Oh and by the way about yesterday?”
“Understood sir. We’ll discuss it later.”
The nobleman leaned back in his chair as he scoffed at my needed time.
“9 minutes? You only have twenty seconds per move!”
The timer rewound itself back to the starting point as it beeped, I picked up the black king piece and held it in my hand. “Enough time.”
“You start with the king! HAHAHA”
I smiled back at him with entertainment.
*****Ashford academy******
“Where’s Luca?” Student body president Milly Ashford asked.
“He went somewhere with Rivalz!” Vice president Sherry answered.
“What, maybe its poker this time.”
“They seem to forget that they’re on the student council! They’re off gambling for money” Sherry said as she held a small tomato from her salad on her fork. “Lulu may be smart but he wastes his brain on stupid things! If only he’d apply himself in school he’d get high grades!” Sherry put the tomato in her mouth.
“‘oh I wish my darling Lulu would be a serious young man.’ How adorable is that?” Milly laughed as she made fun of Sherry causing her to blush.
“Please madam president.”
“Perfect! After we finally steal this damn thing! It’s all because Thomas couldn’t stick to Nathan’s plan. And now we’ve got a problem!” Jack said as he drove the truck.
The poor nobleman dropped his nail file as i placed my king down on the chess board, effectively calling checkmate. His mouth wide open as his jaw dropped from shock. “Thank you for the match Mr. Spacer.” I smiled a picked up my briefcase and walked towards the elevator. There was a loud thump as the nobleman fell out of his chair. The doors opened and Rivalz and I walked inside. I hit the button for the 1st floor and waited for the doors to close. I leaned back on the railing and looked outside the glass windows as we went down.
“I love playing against nobility! When they loose they always pay out of pride. By the way 8 minutes 32 seconds is a new record.”
The doors opened and we walked into the lobby of the hotel. “He also didn’t have much time to move either. And as the nobles go, the opponents are tepid. They’re just over privileged parasites that’s all.” Rivalz ran ahead of me and held open the large glass door.
“Well then, why don’t you challenge one of the 11’s. They’re nothing compared to us Britanians!”
I looked up at a monitor that was behind Rivalz as it showed an image of a building with smoke rising from it. A crowd of people were gathered and their idiotic conversations could be heard.
“What are they trying to prove by killing innocent people. Stupid terrorists” “Those 11’s terrify me!”
The image was replaced with the symbol of the Britanian flag. A Chimera composed of a lion and a snake rising up from the ground.
“We apologize for the delay. Now his royal highness prince Clovis 3rd prince of Britannia will now address the nation.”
The voice was of a woman over a PA system as the screen changed to reveal Prince Clovis.
“To all my imperial subjects. Including of course the many cooperative 11’s who choose to serve the empire of Britannia. Do you not see my pain. My heart was ripped from my chest, only to be torn apart. The remnants are filled with rage and sadness. However as ruler of area 11. I will not tolerate terrorism of any kind! Because, the battle we fight is a righteous one! A virtuous battle, to protect the well-being of one and all! Now everyone, I would like you to join me in a moment of silence. To observe the 8 who died for justice.” “A moment of silence please.”
I walked over to the pay meter parking spot where electric motorcycle was parked and inserted the ticket.
“Aren’t you going to join in?”
Rivalz got my attention but i knew what he meant. “Aren’t you?” He leaned over on the seat as the parking barrier was dropped allowing him to pull out his bike.
“It’s sort of embarrassing.”
“And i agree with you. Besides, shedding tears over those people won’t bring them back to life now will it?”
“Damn, that’s dark buddy.”
The machine printed out a receipt. “It’s all about self-satisfaction. Doesn’t matter how hard you try. You can’t do it. There’s no way you can change the world.”
***Nobleman party***
The ‘A’ camera rose up as Clovis walked off stage.
“Fantastic work your highness. No one would ever guess you were attending a party whilst doing that.”
“After all the Viceroy is the face of area 11. I need to be able to change roles quickly.”
“My you’re so self-confident!”
“Self-confidence? I’m just trying to please the media people.”
“oh, no, no! We’re pleased to be of any assistance in your reign, Prince Clovis.”
“His reign is a pathetic sham.” Detard whispered to himself looking over a script.
Your highness!” Said a staggering millitary person as he came running into the room.
“How boorish of you!”
“I beg your pardon your highness, my lord.
“Not another performance for him.” Detard again whispered as he started to walk off.
“You fool!
“The police were informed it was medical equipment that they stole that’s all. If we scramble the army-“
“Deploy the Royal guard! The Knightmares as well!”
****Knightmare hanger****
“Alert 1, Alert 1. 4th, 7th, and 8th reaction companies. As well as the 31st air assault group. Immediate scramble!”
Units Jeremiah, Viletta, and Cline all jumped into their knightmares as the hatches shut.
“That first move you made…”
Rivalz asked me as we drove down the highway towards school. I looked up from my book to look at him from the passenger’s seat on the bike. “Hmm.”
“Why did you start with the king?”
I rolled my eyes and gave him my answer. “If the king doesn’t lead, how can he expect his subordinates to follow.”
“What’s up with that?”
“What’s with what?”
“Do you fantasize about running a major corporation?”
“No way ambitions like that will ruin your health.” There was a loud honking noise behind us. I turned my head back and saw a large truck speeding and honking his horn at us.
“You idiot watch where you’re going!”
The driver swerved as he made a detour. A woman could be heard yelling at him from within as he turned.
“No! Not that way!”
He drove through a restriction bar and crashed into what looked like an abandoned building. There was a large dust cloud that took form from their crash. Rivalz stopped the bike and we both looked at the accident.
:”Umm…was that our fault?”
I looked at the accident when I gave him my reply. “I don’t think so.”
****Military channel****
“Control the target has crashed at the abandoned V.O. Building construction site.”
****Military base****
General Bartley walked away from the room where the party was talking to himself.
“We have to retrieve it! No matter what! That thing is…In the wrong hands.”
****Crash site****
I pulled off my helmet and goggles and walked over to the edge of the highway bridge. Staring at the truck there were little glowing lights, like sparks.
“Oh man this sucks! Hey Luca I think the power line on the bike got cut.”
“yeah. Hey Rivalz would you come look at this.” I could hear the pedestrians gathering as they looked at the accident.
“Hey look over here.” “Probably a drunk driver.” “Hey maybe somebody better go help them.”
People were all grabbing their phones and other devices to take pictures of the accident.
All those fools.
I threw my helmet and goggles into the passenger’s seat and ran over to the site of the accident. I looked at the truck and walked over to the driver’s seat. “Hey! Are you alright?” I looked and saw a ladder that seemed to lead to the top of the trailer. I reached my hand out and grabbed ahold of one of the bars. I climbed up and shouted. “Hey! Can you hear me?”
“It’s you! Finally I have found…”
There was a voice inside my head. It was a young girls voice. It disappeared and there was no young girl nearby. From how loud her voice was she would’ve had to have been close, but there was nobody. What.
The truck made a sudden jerk as the tires screeched. I fell inside the trailer as the driver took off. “No! Wait, stop I’m in here!” There was a large thump as they must’ve driven over a speed-bump. I looked around for a ladder so I could climb out but there was none. “Ugh, you’d think they would stick a ladder on the inside as well.” I looked and saw some kind of tanker inside. I tried to climb up it but then heard over speakers outside.
“Stop the vehicle! Surrender now and you’ll still have the chance to defend yourself in court. Stop and surrender at once!”
Shots could be heard outside as the truck constantly swerved. Probably to avoid the bullets. I could hear the driver and the passenger talking as they drove down what I presumed to be the highway.
“Damn what do we do that’s the military!” “Have you forgotten that’s what I’m here for!”
I sat down on the tanker and weighed my options. “If I jump out I have the choice of either breaking my neck or getting shot. Maybe if I try my cellphone…” I tried to pull my phone out of my inner breast pocket of my school uniform. I stopped when I heard the door connected to the truck open. I hid behind the tanker out of sight from anyone inside. From inside a woman with crimson red hair walked out, taking off a lab coat.
“Can you enter the subway via the Azabu route?”
“Collin, lets use it here, why not?”
“Because that would mean a bloodbath.”
She climbed up a small set of portable stairs and pulled the tarp off of a large contraption. It revealed a Knightmare. That girl I’ve seen her somewhere before.
****Military channel****
“Target is moving from the settlement to the ghetto.”
“Copy that! Swing around and corner them.”
****Crash site****
“Luca where are you!? We’ve gotta get to school!”
The woman climbed inside of the Knightmare and switched it on before opening the hatch in the back of the trailer. She shot a knightmares claw that was called a slash harken. She and the knightmare jumped out of the trailer as the back support wheels were deployed. I tried to escape by jumping out as well but the doors closed. “Shit! These guys are actual terrorists!”
****Highway Brawl****
“You fellas know full well what this bad ass mother can do!”
Collin screamed as she maneuvered on the highway, dodging the bullets that were shot at her.
“The rest of you back off. I’ll take this guy.”
Jeremiah said as his knightmare was air flown into battle.
“I can only assume you dug that obsolete relic out of some scrap heap. An over the hill Glasko is no match for a Sutherland!”
Jeremiah was dropped from the sky as his knightmare awoke.
“Not to mention a filthy 11 who spurns the compassion of our glorious emperor!”
Jeremiah shot a grenade round at Collin’s Knightmare causing it to shake the inside. Over the radio Josh could be heard.
“Collin we should both split up! Both of us can’t risk being killed! Run for it!”
“But!” Was Collin’s response. Villeta’s Knightmare scaled up between two buildings before trying to cut Josh off at the intersection. Quickly he made a sharp turn into the route that would lead into the subways.
“Heh, simple-minded 11.”
Collin tried to launch her Slash Harken but it failed to do so. “Ugh! No way! It’s stuck!” Jeremiah deployed his dull sword piece to bash the arm of Collin’s Glasko.
“Second-hand junk!”
He raised his weapon to slash at the arm but no sooner did the hand of the Glasko shoot from its socket, saving Collin’s hide. In the clash there was a cloud of smoke and dust, giving Collin the perfect chance to escape.
“I’ll admit I really like your spirit. However..”
I pulled my cellphone out of my breast pocket and looked up to see we were passing underneath a bridge of some kind. I flipped open my phone and got zero signal. :”No cellphone reception. Were out of range. Judging from the darkness and road surface we must be driving along the old subway line. They’re headed for an exit somewhere in the ghetto. Getting out would be dangerous…but still. Okay I’ve got it. I’m not big on the military but I’ll take their protection. If I give them a terrorists communicator…Oh wait I forgot.”
“Some friend leaving me behind like that!”
Rivalz yelled at himself angry at Luca while pushing his bike along the sidewalk.
****Military grounds****
“what are you doing?” General Bartley asked as the scientist examined him.
“Looking at a man who blundered am I right?” Lloyd of the special corps answered.
“Why You!”
“You really screwed this one up. Terrorists came along and stole whatever it was that you and Prince Clovis were ‘secretly’ working on. Retrieving it is simple, but you want to sweep up all of their compatriots in addition. Let the terrorists go and you can find their hideout to.” Lloyd said as he explained the situation out loud. “Congratulations your reasoning was spot on!” Lloyd said as he turned around to address Cecile Croomy, a member of the corps and friend to him.
“It was nothing, I Just thought it was strange.” She answered him nervously.
“Okay that’s enough what is the special corps wants out of this?” Bartley yelled at Lloyd as he turned back around to face him.
“I’m merely saying that I would like to assist with the clean-up.”
“To assist?”
“That’s right because It’s data that I want!”
Ms. Cecile questioned what the terrorists stole. “Excuse me. But what in the world have they just stolen anyway?”
“Ugh, chemical weapons. In other words…poison gas.”
****Military channel****
“The terrorists are hiding in the subway system. Your mission is to locate the weapon they’ve stolen. Investigate the old subway system that runs through the 11 residential district, and the Bismark ghetto. Report in the moment you sight the target. Recovery of the target will be handled by us, the royal guard. You people bear the honorary title of Britanian’s now but you were born 11’s. Therefore the stench of these monkeys outta be a familiar one. If you want to earn the right to carry arms then show some results. This is your opportunity to show your loyalty to Britannia!”
“Yes my lord!” Answered multiple soldiers.
I sat on the tanker that was inside of the trailer when suddenly it shook like crazy. “Ugh, an accident! Or else..?” I stood up and could hear the tires screeching. The driver must’ve gotten stuck in a pothole. The small computer flashed on and a green light opened up the small door on the left side of the trailer.
****Britanian soldier’s POV****
I stood in the subway ticket booth when I suddenly heard a loud crash. Using the night vision goggles that were a part of my mask I was able to see the truck the terrorists were driving. I tapped my report in device that was on my chest twice to signal HQ.
****Military channel****
“404 has sighted the target!”
“Rodger, Prepare for recovery.”
I looked at the container now that I had some better lighting. “Great, now I can use this chance to climb up.” I grabbed onto the top of the container when I heard fast footsteps getting closer. I turned around to see a soldier running towards me. He jumped into the air before twisting around to try to kick me. I quickly raised my arm to guard against the attack, managing only to half-heatedly defend myself. His kick was powerful enough to throw me onto the ground. He grabbed my throat as he held me on the ground. “Ugh, are you Britanian?” Was all that I was able to manage before he pushed down on my throat harder, His gas mask fell off revealing his mouth.
“That’s enough mindless murder!”
He told me, his voice shaky almost nervous. “Wait I’m not one of-”
“Planning to use poison gas? Don’t play dumb with me!”
“Ugh,Get off!” I twisted my body and kicked him off of me. He jumped back and stood as I rose up, my raven black hair in my eyes. “And if that’s poison gas it was made in Britannia wasn’t it?”
“Ugh, my god!”
I could hear him whisper to himself as he looked at me. “Mindless murder? Then why don’t you just obliterate Britannia!”
“Luca, it’s me.”
I could feel my eyes widen as he said my name. The soldier grabbed his helmet and pried it off his head, showing me his face.
“It’s me, Shawn.”
I hadn’t been this surprised in a while, my best friend….Shawn Kagan. His chocolate locks and green eyes made it unmistakably him. Images of him and I playing together 7 years ago flashed into my head. As well as images of him and I during the war. “Y-you became a britanian soldier?”
“Yeah, and what about you? You’re a-”
“What are you saying!” I was cut off when the container activated. The pressure locks releasing as it opened up. There were bright flashes of multicolor lights shining from within as it opened. I stood in shock until Shawn pushed me on the ground, his gas mask covering my mouth. The container opened up all the way, but what was inside was no gas. No, it was…a girl. She had a white prisoners robe on covering her mouth and body, held together with black straps. Her hair was an emerald-green color.
“That’s not poison gas…what is it?”
I heard Shawn say as the water inside splashed outside the trailer. She opened her eyes for a brief moment to show her golden eyes.
****Glasko cockpit****
“In all the confusion I left it in the coat pocket.” Collin said over the Glaskos radio.
“That’s okay the Glaskos circuits are still usable. So were we right?” Otto asked over the radio.
“Think so. I bet it’s poison gas like intelligence said.”
“And Josh?”
“I don’t know. I think he made it underground.”
“Tell me the truth Shawn, poison gas, this girl?” I questioned Shawn while I held the unconscious girl in my arms.
“Hey it’s what they told us in the briefing I swear!”
While he unzipped the girls restraints I worked on removing her mouth guard. There was a sudden flash of light from the entrance to the subway.
“Stinking monkey!”
A man said as he walked down the stairs with a platoon of soldiers behind him. From the looks of his outfit he must have been a general or supervisor.
“Being an honorary Britannia will not excuse you!”
Shawn stood up and ran over to where and tried to defend himself.
“But sir! I was told this was poison gas!”
“How dare you question orders!
I still sat there with the girl in my arms while Shawn was being yelled at. “This is bad! Poised in this situation. Which would pose a threat to Shawn’s superiors if it’s unleashed.”
“However in light of your outstanding military achievements I’m going to be merciful. Private Kagan take this and execute the terrorist!”
I looked up to see that the man was handing Shawn a handgun.
“But he’s not a terrorist! He’s a civilian who got caught up in all this!”
“You insubordinate little…That’s an order didn’t you swear your loyalty and your life to Britannia!?”
“yes, but…but. I can’t!”
I had realized what Shawn had said.
“I won’t do it sir! I won’t shoot a civilian! I can’t follow your orders sir.”
Shawn turned around to face me, a small smile on his lips.
“Very well.”
The general pulled the slide back on the gun and put it at Shawn’s . Shawn turned his head to late to realize.
The general had shot Shawn at point-blank range. “Shawn!” His body fell to the ground as the general smiled.
“Well Britaniaian school boy not a very good day to cut class. Collect the girl, and once you’ve done that kill the student.”
“Yes my lord.”
****Driver’s seat****
Josh lied on both seats as the blood from his open-wound leaked out. His eyesight blurred and failing by the minute. He reached over by the keys and fumbled with the buttons next to them. “Death to Britannia. Long live…America.” He managed to mumble before he pushed the lowest switch and detonated the bomb in the engines. The truck exploded killing Josh.
****Military mobile base****
“They got away! And you call yourselves the royal guard!” General Bartley yelled at his underling.
“Umm, forgive me my lord. The blast was mainly directed upwards, but the-”
“Why the hell do you think I only told you people about this!”
“The plan has moved forward into the next phase.” Prince Clovis said irritated.
“B-but your highness!”
“If knowledge of her gets out I’ll be disinherited. Tell them back home we’re carrying out a plan for urban renewal here. As Clovis 3rd prince of the empire I command you, destroy Bismark ghetto leave no one alive!”
****Bismark Ghetto****
“The army is garbage that could never even hope of becoming honorary Britanians. Wipe out every last one of them.”
Bartley could be heard over the radio barking orders at the Royal Guard members.
“Naturally.” Jeremiah said as he continued shooting bombs into the middle of the already destroyed buildings.
“Supervisor Jeremiah, General Bartley has requested that you take command at-”
“Bartley has staff officers. I haven’t had this much fun on the front lines in ages!”
****Subway tunnels****
The girl and I were running down the old destroyed tunnels after the truck had exploded. From up above explosions could be heard and lights from the bombs could be seen through cracks in the ceiling. The girl tripped and fell in front of me. I then remembered that she was in the tanker that was supposedly filled with ‘Poison gas’. She had a pained expression on her face from her fall, but I could do nothing to help her as I thought about the situation. “What the hell are you!? This chaos is all your fault isn’t it? Uhh!” I leaned against the wall and put my hand over my face as I processed the situation. “Not only that but Britania has…Even killed Shawn!” The girl looked up at me with eyes full of pity. Her golden eyes could almost peer right through me.
****Trailer next to mobile command****
“Not here?” Lloyd asked, sitting on the steps of his personalized trailer.
“Yes, it looks like he’s gone to the front lines.” Cecil explained standing in front of Lloyd.
“Even though we brought the Lancelot here?”
“Now what do we do?”
“We steam-rolled our way in here but we don’t have a pilot who can control it.” Holding the USB key in his hand twirling it around by the piece of elastic.
****Subway exit tunnels****
The girl and I made it to an exit out of the subways. However I could hear the Military units outside so we crawled up the stone stairs quietly. “Stay quiet and wait here.” I whispered to her as I resumed crawling on my hands and knees up the stairs. I peeked my head up over the edge of the stairs and saw a man being shot to death by a soldier. The man fell over dropping his cell phone that was now covered in blood.
I heard a man say. The voice was familiar.
“We found only 11’s here sir.”
I looked over and saw the man’s face. It was the same soldier who shot Shawn in the back.
“You’re sure, that exit comes out here.”
“Yes sir. That exit matches up with our map of the old city.”
I turned my head away and heard what sounded like a small child crying. Whipping my head forward to see my thoughts were correct. The little girl had a blood stained teddy bear in her hands and was hiding in a corner. A soldier walked over too and shot her with a burst from his gun, silencing her. I stared at the soldier as he walked away. Then suddenly at the worst possible time, my cell phone rang. My eyes opened wide as its noise alerted the soldiers. I quickly reached my hand into my pocket and hit the end button silencing it.
****Ashford school grounds****
Shirley stood still as her phones dial tone suddenly went silent. She looked at her phone and read the screen that read. “Lulu has ignored your call.” She whipped her phone shut enraged at his actions. “That jerk he hung up on me, I can’t believe it!”
****Subway exit****
The soldiers had found me and the girl and beat me senselessly with the butts of their guns. One of the soldiers had hit my cheek with his gun and it was a hard enough hit to send me flying. My back hit the metal wall hard, I closed my eyes from the shock of impact. The girl was being held captive behind two riffles. She tried to move past them to stop my beating, but was forced back by the two soldiers.
“What an appropriate place for a terrorist to meet his end.”
“You scum…” Was all I could manage after the beating that had just taken place.
“Still you did well for a student, but that’s to be expected. You’re a Britanian. Unfortunately for you no future.”
I looked up and cringed as the General pulled out his gun and aimed it at me. The girl suddenly broke past the men guarding her and screamed.
“He mustn’t die!”
She ran in front of me and took the bullet. There was a sort of high-pitched whirring noise that sounded after she was hit, it attracted everyone’s attention. The girl fell to the ground and could be seen with a bullet hole in her forehead. She had a faint smile on her face. “You shot her!” I knelt down beside her and looked at her. The man scoffed at seeing the girl, blood starting to pour out from underneath her. I reached my arm down nearly touching her hand.
“Our orders were to bring her back alive if possible. Oh well nothing can be done about it now. We’ll tell our superiors that we found the terrorists hide out and killed them all. Regrettably the female hostage had already been tortured to death. What do you think school boy?”
“How can this be happening? First Shawn’s killed, and then this girl, and now I’m about to die. Before I’ve had a single chance to do anything with my life. It’s gone in a heart beat. Anna Lee… “
Suddenly the girl who had been shot grabbed my hand and held it tightly. I felt almost weightless as I felt myself almost being teleported.
“You don’t want it to end here do you?”
A voice sounded through my head as everything went black for a moment.
“You appear to have a reason for living”
“That girl. That’s impossible.”
“If I grant you power, could you go on?”
There were flashes of light but they didn’t seem to be coming from reality but some other perspective.
“I purpose a deal. In exchange for this power you must make my one wish come true. Accept this contract and you accept it’s conditions. While living in the world of humans you will live unlike any other.”
There were multiple images of both me and the gir, as well as what looked like two planets almost coliding with one another. There were white feathers that floated past and changed the images.
“A different providence, a different time, a different life.”
There was a sudden images of almost a tunnel of blue light that I was flowing down. An image of what looked to be a group of religious followers with strange tattoos on their foreheads they were praying. I felt like I was floating.
“The power of the king will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this? Are you prepared for the power of the Aeon?”
The light faded and showed a shot of a man with silvery white hair. He stood in front of a large pillar.
“A convergence with the Ragnarok connection! So the myth is beginning once again!?”
The man spoke and I knew exactly who it was. Charles Li. Britania…My father!
I felt rage and anger from seeing him once again.
“Yes! I hereby accept the terms of your contract!” There was a loud bang as two gears became in sync.
I regained sight from what had just happened. I stood up covering my left eye. “Say, how should a Britanian who detests his own country live his life?”
“Are you some kind of radical?”
The soldier smiled in amusement before his expression faded. “What’s wrong? Why not shoot. Your opponent is just a school boy. Or have you finally realized…that the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed.” I moved my hand as the power I was given awakened. The power of Aeon.
“W-what’s happening here!?”
“I Luca Vi. Britania, command you. Now all of you. Die!” I stared into their eyes as my power did what it’s supposed to. It felt like a beam was fired from my eye but with my right eye I could see that there was none. It infiltrated their minds and altered their intentions. The supervisor laughed before he raised his gun to his temple.
“Happily your highness!”
His subordinates raised their sidearms to their temples and awaited the order.
The man pulled trigger and killed himself, the other soldiers soon followed behind him. A small splash of blood landed on my cheek and I had then realized what I had done.
“That was the turning point, since that day. I’ve lived a lie. The lie of living. My name too was a lie. My personal history too, a lie. Nothing but lies. I was sick to death of a world that couldn’t be changed. But even in my lies, I refused to give up in despair. But now this incredible power…Is mine.”
I smiled devilishly at the self-realization. “Well then…”


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