Apocalypse (Scarlett Faithe) Introduction

The world is on its last breath. A massive war has left it ravaged and exhausted of all possibilities of harboring any life on its surface. This war is on a greater scale than any recorded within the earth’s lifetime. This war has become known as the Apocalypse War.

 This war changed the way humanity lives, pre and post war. Before the war had begun, humans had learned that the Soul, is not a mere figment that defines the human personality and mind. It is actually a physical existence that is governed within the mind of humans. Humans learned to access deeper parts of their subconscious, enabling this ability, Upon learning that the soul could be accessed, studies began to research the capabilities that could be reached. This included the possibilities of developing Weapons of Mass Destruction.

This study is what pushed this war into fruition, weapons that were far superior to Nuclear weaponry. Instead of sentencing convicted criminals to death or life in prison, they were instead sent to factories to serve as a power source for these new weapons. Each major country began their own division of research into these weapons, and each one suffered the same fate. At one point during this research, the exact events lost to time, a massive explosion occurred at every major research facility, these effects were devastating. The world had over five hundred stations, each doing the exact same research into the Soul, this caused the entire planet to be affected by this explosion, these results became the Apocalypse. 

This explosion had created a virus that affected both the mind, body, and Soul, it was called: Nova Apocalyptica, the NA-Virus. This virus created a crystal like substance that would contaminate the body and drive the infectee towards a point beyond insanity, the body mutated to a point they couldn’t even be called human anymore. The worlds first reaction was to quarantine the areas where the explosions first occurred. They thought they had contained the virus, but they were wrong. The sites were just the beginning, within five years, the virus had consumed the United States, within twenty-five, the world. The NA-Virus didn’t just wipe out human life; lakes and rivers dried up, forests became desserts, and whole continents were reduced to nothing more than barren wastelands. Slowly but surely, the earth began to wither, and die.

A hundred years later, and the virus still poses a threat, around 95% of the human population had been wiped out, however a new religious group began to rise in the ashes of what once was the earth, this group was called The Order of Salvation. They preached the belief of two gods; their chosen symbols being that of the Moon and the Sun. These gods were known as Solaris, the god of light, and Cerezita, the goddess of darkness. This religious group showed humans the true potential that the soul could be used for, not warfare, but instead for healing, and creating new objects out of what remained. This new organization brought life to the surface, except for those infected by the virus. The Order created a safe haven above the planet’s surface, a utopia for those unaffected by the virus to start fresh, on a platinum plate.

This new method that the Order created has lasted for over a hundred years, but now, in recent years, the terrorist group The Chimera, has begun their attacks on the haven, not on populated cities, but on facilities that use their magic to create items, saying that is against the original nature of the planet. This cycle has become the norm, the orders rule over the human race boasting prosperity and salvation, and the Chimera, advertising the truth about the order.

The earth has been renamed, the world of Remnant. 


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