Heaven’s Black Harbinger: Chaos

Envoy from the Lost Abyss: Anima

Singer of Life: Rosalyn

Light of Creation: Jillian

“When the spirits of Light and Darkness, are within our grasp. The power to annihilate that which has hung in the sky since the dawn of time, shall awaken. The Sword of Aesir, shall pierce the Heart of Darkness and bring forth that which hails the lost passages of time. The blood of planet shall be absorbed, and on the soil that remains, shall the Door of Light, be shattered. The fate of the Unknown, shall decide, how the world proceeds; Down the path of Salvation, or down the path that promises the Apocalypse.” 

“Spiritus lux et tenebræ in prospectu sunt. Facis quod pependit potestas in caelo cum diluculo, et excitare. Et factus aesir penetrabit Cor Tenebrae locis ac perditos profert ultro temporis. Sanguis absorbebitur telluris, et in terra, quod superest, et janua lucis eorum. Fatum ignoto, arbitrium, quomodo procedat; Per viam salutis, aut per viam Apocalypsi promittat.”