Apocalypse, Chapter 1 – Black Cross.

The shuttle had left the monorail station over an hour ago, carrying only a handful of passengers. Scarlett being one of these passengers. The shuttle was relatively cold, lack of body heat that was produced. The last stop for the day before the trains would be shutdown for the afternoon was the civilian district [Elizabeth]. After being released from the [Sanctum] orphanage system, Scarlett had been issued a small private apartment in the middle-class living area.

Scarlett in all honesty had no thoughts towards moving in, she was just happy to be finally free from the hell of the [Sanctum]. That place only harbors children when the parents either died or had given up on them. What happened to Scarlett’s, nobody knew, she had grown up on her own. She had an advanced enough mind to be able to survive however.

When she was merely eight years old, she had managed to hack into the education system and learn without the need of the standard instructor. She stole from delivery trucks that transported food to living quarters, never more than she needed. It wasn’t until she was thirteen that she had been apprehended by The Order, did she finally get placed into the [Sanctum]. She doesn’t remember what happened though.

The shuttle started to slow as it approached the departure station. With nothing more than a roller suitcase, Scarlett released her grip from the support beam and walked down the steel aisle to the automated doors. The dark tunnel was illuminated only by the staircase that led above the plate to the station. Scarlett stepped off the shuttle and walked up the metal stairs, her black heeled boots clicking with each step.

The platform opened to the station for Scarlett to walk out onto. The station was the exact same in design as the one outside of [Sanctum]; Ticket Master’s booth in the south-east corner,Solaris and Cerezita, the gods of the world, drawn on the ceiling. The wind decided to pick up, forcing the double doors open and slamming them against the wall. Unphased, Scarlett walked outside, the wind making her crimson scarf flow behind her. Setting her suitcase down for a moment to grab hold of both ends of her leather long coat, she continued to walk towards the apartment complexes.

The wind never died down during her half-mile walk to the apartment complexes, the sky was gray with very little sunlight shining through. According to The Order of Salvation, the god Solaris, the entity who chose the Sun as his embodiment, is angry at the terrorist organization The Chimera. Claiming that it was there horrid acts that displeased the almighty God of Light.

When the wind did finally die down, Scarlett was standing in front of the apartment’s security station. A station that individualized an entire floor to a specific person or family. The system complete with a retinal scanner and full bio of a person entering. At the top was a camera for conversations between a resident and a person outside wishing for access inside. Scarlett removed her black leather glove from her right hand for the biometric scanner, then slanted herself for the retinal scanner.

After a quick flash of a green light on the console, the system found her record:

Scarlett Lenne Faithe.

Age: 20.

Blood Type: O+

Kin: Unknown.

Eye Color: Sapphire Blue.

Hair Color: Raven Black.

Stop it! Give me back my children!!”

Scarlett turned her head at the cry. A young woman was yelling about her children, but was out of sight for confirmation. Scarlett let her head fall back on her shoulders, annoyed by the disturbance. She cleared the system and leaned her suitcase against the terminal. She stepped away from the door, closing her eyes, she cleared her mind and allowed for her Aura to build.

Scarlett’s eyes shot open wide, her Aura was projected in an azure colored wave, her eyes began to glow and emit the same color. This was the power of a Semblance, the power that is unique to every individual. Scarlett’s Clairvoyance, the power to see things not in sight. A power for an expert marksman like herself.

Within moments, Scarlett had a complete visual of the area within fifty meters of herself. She was easily able to find the source of the scream, the situation held true to the scream. A young woman, in a nearby alleyway, was being blockaded by five men with the builds of a soldier. Behind them were three small children, no more than ten years old, cowering behind them.

Scarlett had two possible options. She could either run in the direction of the children and assist from behind without being seen. Or, she could approach directly and fight. Her mind made up, she slipped back on her glove and started running towards the scene.

At the corner to the alleyway behind the woman, Scarlett was able to hear the conversation that was going on between the woman and the soldiers without being noticed,

You make it sound like we’re doing something wrong Baby Cakes. We’re just showing them how things work around here that’s all. It’s part of our job to collect taxes from every individual.” 

Mina, Finny, Mariah, are you three OK!?”

Mom, help us!”

It’s alright, just give them all of the money you have and they’ll let you go!”

We tried that already. They said it wasn’t good enough.”

Y’know you guys owe us a lot in back taxes too. You’ll have to leave everything…including your clothes.”

That’s when Scarlett had finally had enough. Scarlett turned the corner and started running down the alleyway behind the woman. The men were all laughing with enjoyment, only noticing Scarlett at the last moment. Scarlett used her Aura to create a Channeling Circle a few feet behind the woman.

The circle glowed a bright green color, when it finally set, Scarlett stepped on it and was propelled into the air over the men. Scarlett landed on the shoulder of the man standing the middle of the group and jumped off him to land behind them in from the children. Scarlett crouched down to ruffle the older looking boy’s hair, Scarlett’s attempting kind eyes met terrified, tear-filled ones.

“It’s alright now. Pick up your stuff OK?”

The boy wiped his eyes and nodded in acknowledgement.

“Hey! Who the Hell are you!?”

One of the men yelled behind Scarlett, anger riddled in his voice. Scarlett stood and turned on her left heel, spinning around. Scarlett straightened her scarf before her eyes met the man’s nearest to her. Eyes that were no longer attempting to be kind. No, these eyes were filled with anger, her stare the kind that would make an animal run with its tail between its legs.

“Who I am is of no concern of yours. I don’t even need to ask who you are though. You’re The Order of Salvation’s Tax collectors and Peace Keepers. Cheap Mercenary type soldiers meant for protecting citizens in the event of a Chimera attack on the public. Albeit the fact that The Chimera’s, have never in all of the years they have been assembled attacked civilians. So you’re nothing more than cash-hunting thugs.”

The man was grinding his teeth beneath his helmet which covered most of his face. Scarlett had nothing more than an annoyed smile on her blood-red lips.

“You bitch! I dare you to say that again!”

The man yelled pulling out his 9mm Handgun from his side holster. Scarlett was even more annoyed than before, if that was even possible. She removed her scarf from around her neck, turning around back to face the boy.

“Here, hold this for me OK?”

The boy took her scarf and held it tightly, obviously trying to act brave in front of this mysterious woman. Scarlett pulled down on the rim of her gloves, making sure they were tight and down all the way. She walked back to the man, his gun still aimed one-handed at Scarlett.

“Big mistake.”

Scarlett stepped forward quickly, the palm of her right hand slammed into the joint between the man’s shoulder and his right arm, while her left moved his wrist up and away from her. In a response, the man pulled the trigger on his gun several times, the bullets missing and flying toward the sky. Scarlett then punched the center of the thug’s Solar Plexus, lowering his arm back down but keeping it away from her, she forced it back and straightened it out as far as it would go.

Scarlett then maneuvered around the man to his side before raising the tip of her foot to kick the joint of the thug’s arm, snapping the bone. The snap could be heard as he fell to his knees in pain. Scarlett then kicked the man in the chest as he fell, sending him away towards the rest of his men, his gun falling out of his hand. Scarlett picked it and ejected the magazine.

Everyone stared at Scarlett, the men’s jaws were dropped in shock. They all drew their guns at Scarlett, this time however both hands on their guns. Scarlett raised her hand for her Aura to channel, she created an azure-hexagonal panel in front of her. Seconds later, guns were fired at her, every bullet being disintegrated by the barrier that was placed before her.

None of them noticing that their shots were ineffective against her.

“Is that all you can offer?”

Scarlett’s tone was tired and disappointed. She lowered her hand after all of their guns had been emptied, the slides all pulled back. Scarlett walked over and picked up the gun and clip she had disposed of mere moments ago, loading the clip and pulling the slide back herself. There were only six shots in the gun left, plenty to get the message she had for each of them to get across.

Scarlett held the gun one-handed and aimed it down at their feet, pulling the trigger in rapid succession. All of them jumped back, even the one with a broken arm. There were crushed 9mm rounds at their feet on the titanium plate the population stood on. Each of them had a look of terror-struck on their faces, they were hopelessly were defeated with no chance of defeating her.

Scarlett walked up to the man with the broken arm, still toppled over clutching his arm.

“Oh, don’t worry. This is a Safe-Zone. I wouldn’t kill you no matter what the circumstances were. There’s just the knowledge and feeling of getting knocked on your ass. Even so…A fight with me is still going to scare the hell of you!”

Scarlett gave her last statement before firing the last round in the clip at the ground next to him, scrapping past his helmet to crack it. After a few moments of Scarlett’s deathly stare, they all turned tail and ran down the alleyway from which she had arrived. Scarlett tossed the gun behind her, the sound of a loud clank as it fell into the garbage shoot in the corner.

The woman ran past her to check on her children, nearly breaking into tears.

“Thank you so much for your help! I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t shown up when you did…”

Scarlett raised her hand to stop the woman from showing her gratitude. Although it was appreciated, it was not necessary of her.

“There’s no need to thank me. I would have helped anyone being harassed like that.”

Scarlett started to walk back towards the apartment complex but was stopped by the boy as he ran after her.

“Miss wait! Your scarf!”

Scarlett turned back around and thanked the boy for holding it. She took it in her hands before wrapping it around her neck, straightening her coat and her hair, she started walking back towards the appartment which she had yet to even so much as enter.


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